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M: Busted Reporter Central to Coverup Worked As a Scotland Yard, MI5 Informer While Employed at NOTW
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Police informant #281, News of the World senior writer, Neville Thurlbeck, keystone of the James Murdoch criminal liability story

This is so bent I'm just gabbling.

Neville Thurlbeck, NOTW's senior reporter, is the name on one of the smoking gun emails that the law firm, Harbottle and Lewis, sat on for four years. James Murdoch claimed in testimony Tuesday not to have known about hacking allegations against Thurlbeck when he settled another case out of court and declared the hacking scandal had been limited to one rogue reporter.

Today NOTW's lawyer, Tom Crone, followed Harbottle and Lewis' example, in disputing Murdoch's testimony before Parliament. Crone said he and NOTW editor Myler did tell James about the Neville email. This is an explosive revelation which implicates James -- who stands by his testimony -- in a coverup his former lawyers don't appear to be inclined to take the fall for.

Meanwhile, Thurlbeck's working as an official Scotland Yard and MI5 informant while he was working as a reporter, in exchange for tidbits from the National Police Computer, pretty much boggles the mind. Any organization which would permit anything like it is moving into the arena of insane. In case you didn't know, it's a big no-no to share your notes with anybody -- much less, the cops, the FBI and the CIA. Holy effin' shit.

...worked closely with Scotland Yard as official police source No 281. He was an unpaid employee of the National Criminal Intelligence Service, a liaison body between Scotland Yard's Special Branch and MI5.

Sources close to Thurlbeck
[I bet this is Thurlbeck himself, threatening to tell all] said that "people right at the top of News International were aware of his role".

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This is mind-bending. So he was a reporter and a spook, and his superiors at the paper knew he was a spook? Did his superiors in the spook world know that the newspaper knew he was a spook? Who-whom?, as Lenin asked.

i remember once years ago hearing that the silver haired editor of the great metropolitan daily was really worried that one of his reporters was a CIA agent. and he was a guy who famously had no interior life and didn't worry about anything.

this is where it gets cray cray.

Last line on today's liveblog on this at the Guardian:

"There will, of course, be plenty more."

The spook aspect has receded today, now it is all about whether Smithers lied to the Committee.


i think the double agent thing really only bothers reporters. but it really bothers us.

In all musings about movies and animations of this thing, James and Rupert get portrayed by Smithers and Monty Burns from the Simpsons.

excellent. mr. burns with the age spots on his bald head, perfect.

I have the feeling that a lot of national level US reporters are a complete informational two way street with some of their sources.

Oh, I know. It's unethical as all hell. I still believe it's true.

dun dun dunnnnnnn

The FBI plans to contact the actor Jude Law following claims that his mobile phone was hacked during a visit to the US, officials have told the BBC.

It is alleged that a 2003 story by the News of the World newspaper was based on information from Law's voicemail.

yes, this is a good if minuscule stateside connection.

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