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My Fellow Americans
...are, for the most part, people to be trusted. I've always felt this, and always felt that all the people have a natural and fair interest in adjudication. (Of which, btw, I think the Jerry Springer show is an interesting phenom, not least impelled by a prurient interest on the part of men and people of color in the idea that white girls can fight.)

The comments on the latest penultimate DSK rape story -- release by the hospital of the vic's timely physical examination, which includes vaginal bruising and other evidence consistent with rape -- are enough to restore your faith in humankind. Or many of us, anyway.

Nobody makes the point that Vance was all over this case probably as a result of what I'm dubbing the Diallo effect, the terrible injustices faced by Africans in New York City.

Which, if this case does not go to trial, will have persisted.

Breaking news: The woman has sued the NY post for libel for accusing her of being a prostitute.

This has DSK's stink all over it. Or Mrs. DSK's, she's the socialist with the money.

The comments on that entry will require you to assume the fuck-you-all-all-the-time-somebody-on-the-internet-is-WRONG default position.

Girl, I'd use every single penny of my $100K in drug deposits money to pound those Post fuckers into the ground.

Peace and love,

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