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Murdoch: Bwahahahaha 3
pure juice flip flops
Sounds like they're setting up Dow Jones chief exec Les Hinton -- who is the stateside piece of the Murdoch scandal -- as well as former News International exec and Rupert's longtime capo, to take the fall both for young James Murdoch and for the flame-haired editrix.

"The person that I think is most of a problem for Murdoch is Les Hinton," Peter Burden, author of a 2008 book about the News of the World, told Reuters.

"He was definitely around when it was going on and he's now running the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, and for him to be seen to be mixed up in that whole tacky situation would be very, very damaging indeed."

Still missing, the Roger Ailes/Fox News connection to similar tactics sanctioned and encouraged by Les Hinton and Rupert.

Here we have him encouraging his employee, raven-haired editrix Judith Regan to lie about the affair she had with Bernard Kerik during his brief unsuccessful nomination for homeland security czar. Just previous to his going to prison, as I recall.

The raven-haired editrix.

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Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Brits and people with red hair?! It reads so crazy, all the assumptions that "of course she acted that way, she's flame-haired, ginger, red-topped, etc."

i only have the faintest hint about ginger ism, which i saw as a graffitum on somebody's blog? i know nothing about it.

I have the feeling that even if you had it carefully explained to you in detail by a sound and knowledgeable Briton, it would still sounds completely batshit insane.

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