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pure juice flip flops
The Daily Mirror has a source claiming NotW tried to hire somebody to hack the phones of 9/11 victims.

If this is true, we may have the beginning of something stateside.

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I would never be surprised if they did. Alas, Fox News seems to not be involved.

ailes did tell regan to lie so kerik's nomination could get thru. small taters to be sure. i'm hoping hinton has had WSJ reporters bribing the FBI.

The Telegraph story on all this is now automatically updating EVERY NINETY SECONDS. Wow.

This also seems to be the strange spotlight moment for several UK celebs. Simon Coogan, Hugh Grant and now Mr. Careless Whisper, George Michael, who has set the Twitterverse, um, ablaze.!/GeorgeMichael

yes, there's a definite flava of revenge of the pervs going on.

i'm wondering if cameron is going to get into bigger trouble, for example, if coulson ordered the performance of dark arts during his tenure as conservative spokesmodel.

Re: Sekrit coded messages


Hinton, who now runs the Wall St. Journal, was one of the higher-ups during the phone-hacking days, and told Parliament that the royalty correspondent was the only one to blame. BRING US HIS HEAD!!!

i think they're setting him up to take the fall for the flame-haired editrix and james murdoch.

Steve Coogan, a man who partied so hard he scared Courtney Love, lays down some sense

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