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Deep Tartan
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Ok, Spideysense points out that my fiancé, Nick Davies, who has been in the lead on the phone hacking story for years and broke the Dowler story two weeks ago, does not have a byline on any story for the past four or five very, very exciting days, since his appreciation of Sean Hoare, the former NotW reporter who was the NYT source on phone hacking, who found dead last week.

Either Murdoch has suicided Nick, in which case the police would have called us, or, as I suspect, he is closeted with leaking Scotland Yarders getting the goods on Cameron. Former Yard chieftains Stephenson and Yates are reportedly furious that while they had to resign for hiring a tainted NotW exec (Wallis), Cameron, who did the same (Coulson), doesn't seem to think he does.

This, as I point out elsewhere, is the point at which Watergate started to get serious -- when the FBI informant, Mark Felt, contacted Woodward and started to guide the coverage.

Yeah, baby. Age and treachery will always overcome youth and talent.

I await with trembling pleasure my fiancé Nick Davies' next byline.

Here it is. It's the second byline here. I have to figure out what that means.

It definitely sounds like a Harbottle leak, based on the "Neville" email.

Sounds like the Guardian is going after inconsistencies in the Murdochs' testimony, which is, after all, the main meat. James' payout to a hacking victim -- in which the incriminatory email and other records were sealed -- is the criminal allegation against James, as well as, reportedly, the basis of an inquiry by the British Serious Fraud office which would apparently characterize the misallocation of corporate funds -- hush money -- as fraud of shareholders. (I'm not sure these legal details are correct. Caveat emptor.) Hottttttt.

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I hope you're right about this. I'm going to be anxiously scanning the website for his byline.

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