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M: The Sun, a Second Murdoch Title, Implicated in Phone Hacking Scandal
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Sun features editor Matt Nixson, a former NOTW editor and Coulson crony, has had his computer seized and has been frog-marched out of the Sun's building by its managing editor. He was formerly features editor and news editor at NOTW, under Andy Coulson.

David Rose, assistant news editor of the Times, says the Sun journalist sacked tonight is features editor Matt Nixson.

He said on Twitter: "Matt Nixson features editor of the Sun has been sacked over allegations of serious misconduct while he was working for the News of the World."

Rose later added: "He was marched out of the building by the Sun's Managing Editor. Previously deputy features editor at #notw."

8.33pm: A former News of the World executive has been sacked from the Sun, according to Sky News.

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So, um, it's going to be, um, a wee bit longer until our friends in London will be able to read the "Sun On Sunday"...?

we'll see if their very skillful lawyers can cover up any misdeeds by nixson at the sun, while sending him up the river for misdeeds at NOTW.

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