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M: Murdoch Terminates Legal Fees for NOTW Detective Whose 11,000 Pages of Notes Can Sink the Ship
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Murdoch has been paying Mulcaire's legal fees on a key suit and has now terminated this policy. Mulcaire can now spill the totes beans.

Mulcaire was first ordered to answer questions in November last year. Lawyers acting for Nicola Phillips, a PR consultant who used to work for Max Clifford, secured a court order that he must disclose the identity of the person who instructed him to intercept her voicemail and that he must specifically say whether the then news editor of the News of the World, Ian Edmondson, had asked him to investigate Ms Phillips or other people connected with Max Clifford. A similar order was then made in the case brought by Steve Coogan.

However, News International then paid Mulcaire's legal fees to appeal against the rulings, apparently contradicting its public stance that it wanted the truth to be told about the affair.

Whether or not this helps Mulcaire in copping pleas to the many civil suits he face from individual victims of phone hacking, I cannot figure out.

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Mulcaire fascinates me. I've read everything I could find on him.
He's interesting because like so many NOTW employees (and most tabloid employees full stop) he isn't the devil.
He's the guy who buys the devil cigarettes and Diet Coke.
His whole attitude of "I had to do it or they'd find somebody else and I wouldn't be able to work for any other media company" speaks of a deep lack of introspection.
He admitted he was frightened to go near the Royal Family (he's the bright lad who helped get the William knee injury voicemails)but he went ahead, and for not a lot of money considering the possible repercussions.
Which tells me that he and others knew this sort of rat-fuckery was standard operating procedure on Fleet Street. So much so that even "hacking" a Royal's voicemail got a relatively knocked down price.
I'm wondering if a deep-pocketed friend of Murdoch's will silently pick up Mulcaire's bills now (a la Max Mosley in reverse)but demand a confidentiality agreement of some kind to prevent a book.

glo, you should write the book. devil cigarettes!
where have you been reading about him? have you got a url you can recall?

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