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M: Fie, Ghastly Malefactrix
pure juice flip flops
Evidence is emerging that describes the machinations of the flame-haired editrix, News International's former chair, Rebekah Brooks, as an unusually brutal and obsequious bloodthirsty operator. First, it is suggested that disgraced former NOTW editor Andy Coulson was placed by Brooks and James Murdoch as the prime minister's communications director to secure James' rise in NI. Second, it's revealed she gave a telephone to the mother of another murdered child -- a phone investigators now believed was hacked by NOTW. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

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How bad is it when you have to be specific about things like this. "No, not THAT horrible exploitation of a murdered child, the OTHER time..."

these don't seem to be cross posting too well.
but, YEAH

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