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pure juice
i stole my name off a pair of flip flops purchased at a surf shop in long beach in 1992.


It's got a back beat. You can't lose it. If you want to dance with me.
-- Chuck Berry

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a good read, abandoned buildings, absolutely fabulous, aesthetics of terror, afghani food, africa, afro-caribbean religions, airstreams, albert speer, alice neel, almodovar, altruism, andrea dworkin, animal rights, anselm keifer, anti-zionism, architecture, art spiegelman, artisan cheese, bad men, being fabulous, being quiet, big hairy audacious goals, billy budd, bloomsbury, bloviation, boler trailers, bonnard, border collies, boys who know stuff, bravery, california poppies, cambodia, carlos castaneda, catherine mackinnon, challenging conversation, chaucer, cheese making, chesapeake bay, chosen families, cities at night, coney island, crafting, crochet, cuba, dante, deep dark secrets, dogs, east village, edith wharton, edward hopper, egalitarian romance, erving goffman, everything, fascist architecture, feminist theology, fish tacos, flip-flops, florida keys, gabriel garcia marquez, gandhi, genocide, george jones, george pelecanos, going barefoot, going home, grease, greasy spoon restaurants, green party, hating cellphones, haussmann, hello!, henry darger, hettie jones, hidden parts of cities, high art/low art, history of art, ikea, immigrant rights, impeach bush, irene dunne, isaac bashevis singer, john waters, journalism, keith richards, king lear, kurds, liberation theology, living abroad, ljover30, m.f.k. fisher, magdalena abakanowicz, magic realism, mario sironi, marshall berman, marvin gaye, mental health radicalism, microcredit, mike davis, milton, motown, new york city, not watching tv, okwui enwezor, otis redding, outsider art, painting, philip larkin, philly soul, pilobolus, polka dots, post traumatic stress disorder, post-zionism, primo levi, public gardens, public space, quiet, rebuilding lower manhattan, remedios varo, rupaul, san pedro, santeria, sidewalks, silver lake, sixapart-doing-evil-so-soon?, solitude, south asia, sustainable development, sweet peas, the problem of evil, the sopranos, the tempest, tidepools, todd brainard, tom lehrer, united nations, vanessa bell, veracity, vermeer, viktor frankl, virginia woolf, walter benjamin, washington d.c., wayne thiebaut, william james, wislawa szymborska, yemaya, your mama, zippy the pinhead